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Martin Barnasconi, Karsten Einwich, Christoph Grimm, Torsten Maehne, Alain Vachoux: Advancing the SystemC Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Extensions - Introducing Dynamic Timed Data Flow, September 2011,

Christoph Grimm et al, Whitepaper: Introduction to Modeling Embedded Analog/Mixed-Signal Systems using SystemC AMS Extensions, DATE 2009 (part of SystemC AMS Draft 1 Standard)

White Paper SystemC-AMS Study Group, State: 5/7/2002


Accellera Systems Initiative: SystemC AMS 1.0 standard


Karsten Einwich, SystemC AMS based Real-Time Simulation, DATE, March 2012

Keiji Nakabayashi, Takahiro Ozasa, Tamiyo Nakabayashi, Electro-Thermal Modeling and Reliability Simulation of Power MOSFETs with SystemC-AMS - Case Study: An Unclamped Inductive Switching Test Circuit, SASIMI, March 2012,

Alberto Ferrari, Leonardo Mangeruca, Orlando Ferrante, Alessandro Mignogna, DesyreML: a SysML profile for heterogeneous embedded system, ERTS, February 2012,

Sumit Adhikari, Markus Damm, Christoph Grimm, Francois Pecheux, Tutorial T1: Design of Mixed-Signal Systems using SystemC AMS Extensions, VLSI Design Conference, January 2012,


Tao Huang & Stefan Heinen: Application of SystemC/SystemC-AMS in 3G Virtual Prototyping, DVCon, March 2011

Yaseen Zaidi, Christoph Grimm, Jan Haase: Simulation based tuning of system specification, DATE, March 2011,

Gilmar S. Beserra, Jose Edil G. de Medeiros, Arthur M. Sampaio, Jose Camargo da Costa: System-level modeling of a mixed-signal system on Chip of Wireless Sensor Networks, DATE, March 2011

Laurent Bousquet, Fabio Cenni, Emmanuel Simeu: SystemC-AMS high-level modeling of linear analog blocks with power consumption information, Test Workshop (LATW), March 2011,

Yaseen Zaidi, Sumit Adhikari, Christoph Grimm: Abstract modeling and simulation based selective estimation, DDECS, April 2011

Karsten Einwich: Introduction to the SystemC AMS extensions standard, DDECS, April 2011

Sumit Adhikari, Muhammad Farooq, Jan Haase, Christoph Grimm: High performance adaptive sensor interface design through model based estimation of analog non-idealities, DDECS, April 2011

Leander B. Hörmann, Philipp M. Glatz, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss: A SystemC-AMS simulation environment for the evaluation of energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, SPECTS, June 2011

Kezheng Ma, Rene van Leuken, Maja Vidojkovic, Jac Romme, Simonetta Rampu, Hans Pflug, Li Huang, Guido Dolmans: A fast and accurate SystemC-AMS model for PLL, MIXDES Conference, June 2011

Franck Paugnat, Katell Morin-Allory, Laurent Fesquet: A refinement process for top-down mixed-signal designs thanks to SystemC-AMS, NEWCAS, June 2011,

Sumit Adhikari, Yaseen Zaidi, Christoph Grimm: Architectural Mitigation for High Performance Energy Measurement, ECCTD, Augustus 2011,

Fabio Cenni, Serge Scotti, Emmanuel Simeu: Behavioral modeling of a CMOS video sensor platform using systemc AMS/TLM, FDL, September 2011,

Sumit Adhikari, Christoph Grimm, Jan Haase: Abstract modelling and estimation of a high performance Tobey's PGA, FDL, September 2011,

Mu Zhou and Ren´e van Leuken: Systemc-AMS model of a dynamic large-scale satellite-based AIS-like network, FDL, September 2011,

Fabio Cenni, Serge Scotti, Emmanuel Simeu: SystemC AMS behavioral modeling of a CMOS video sensor, VLSI-SoC, October 2011,

Tim Wegner, Martin Gag, Dirk Timmermann: Impact of Proactive Temperature Management on Performance of Networks-on-Chip, SoC conference, November 2011,


Andreas Popp, Andreas Herrholz, Kim Griittner, Yannick Le Moullec, Peter Koch, Wolfgang Nebel: SystemC-AMS SDF model synthesis for exploration of heterogeneous architectures, DDECS , April 2010

Francois Pecheux, Morgan Madec, Christophe Lallement: Is SystemC-AMS an appropriate "promoter" for the modeling and simulation of bio-compatible systems?, ISCAS, MAY/June 2010

Delaram Haghighitalab, Michel Vasilevski and Hassan Aboushady: LNA Automatic Synthesis and Characterization for Accurate RF System-Level Simulation, MWSCAS, Augustus 2010

Thomas Uhle, Karsten Einwich: A SystemC AMS extension for the simulation of non-linear circuits, IEEE SoC Conference, September 2010

Abdelbasset Massouri, Antoine Lévêque, Laurent Clavier, Michel Vasilevski, Andreas Kaiser, Marie-Minerve Louërat: Baseband Fading Channel Simulator for Inter-Vehicle Communication using SystemC-AMS, BMAS, September 2010,

Yifan Wang, Zhimiao Chen, Christoph van Meersbergen, Stefan Heinen: System simulation of adaptive I/Q mismatch compensation method using SystemC-AMS, PRIME Conference, September 2010

Amr Habib, Francois Pecheux, Marie-Minerve Louerat: SystemC-AMS modeling of a PCR-CE lab-on-chip for multithreaded DNA analysism, ICM, December 2010

Jiong Ou, Farooq Muhammad, Christoph Grimm, Martin Barnasconi: Modeling Communication Systems Using the SystemC AMS Building Block Library, presentation at North American SystemC User Group, DAC 2010.

Martin Barnasconi: SystemC AMS extensions: Solving the Need for Speed, DAC Knowledge center, May 2010

Karsten Einwich, Thomas Uhle: SystemC AMS—holistic analog, digital, hardware and software system-level modeling, EDA Tech Forum, March 2010

Matteo Agostinelli, Robert Priewasser, Mario Huemer, Stefano Marsili, Dietmar Straeussnigg: SystemC-AMS modeling and simulation of digitally controlled DC-DC converters, APEC 2010

Yaseen Zaidi, Christoph Grimm, Jan Haase: On Mixed Abstraction, Languages, and Simulation Approach to Refinement with SystemC AMS, EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, Volume 2010 (2010)

Stephan Schulz, Jörg Becker, Thomas Uhle, Karsten Einwich, Sören Sonntag: Transmitting TLM transactions over analogue wire models, DATE2010

Sumit Adhikari, Christoph Grimm: Modeling Switched Capacitor Sigma Delta Modulator Nonidealities in SystemC-AMS, FDL 2010

Muhammad Farooq, Sumit Adhikari, Jan Haase, Christoph Grimm: Modeling Methodology in SystemC-AMS for Embedded Analog Mixed Signal Systems, FIT2010

Junqing Guan, Renato Negra, Modelling and simulation of an RF-DAC based transmitter at architectural level in SystemC/AMS, PRIME, July 2010,


Christoph Grimm: Design Refinement of Embedded Analog/Mixed-Signal Systems with SystemC AMS extensions, FETCH Conference 2009.

Markus Damm, Christoph Grimm, Martin Barnasconi: Interaction of SystemC AMS Extensions with TLM-2.0, Presentation at European SystemC User Group, DATE 2009

Karsten Einwich: SystemC-AMS for the Design of Complex Analog/Mixed-signal SoCs, presentation at North American SystemC User Group, DAC 2009.

VIDEO of Karsten Einwichs talk at the North American SystemC User Group, DAC 2009.

Markus Damm: Modeling methods for Analysis and Design of Run-Time Reconfigurable, Heterogeneous Systems (ANDRES), PATMOS 2009 Special session

Karsten Einwich: SystemC-AMS for the Design of Complex Analog/Mixed-signal SoCs, IEEE-SOCC 2009

Torsten Maehne, Alain Vachoux: Supporting Dimensional Analysis In SystemC-AMS, BMAS 2009

Yaseen Zaidi, Christoph Grimm, Jan Haase: Analog behavior refinement in system centric modeling, BMAS 2009

Yaseen Zaidi, Christoph Grimm, Jan Haase: Fast and unified SystemC AMS - HDL simulation, FDL 2009

Hans-Peter Kreuter, Vladimir Kosel, Michael Glavanovics, Robert Illing: System level modeling of smart power switches using SystemC-AMS for digital protection concept verification, BMAS 2009

Philipp A. Hartmann, Philipp Reinkemeier, Achim Rettberg, Wolfgang Nebel: Modelling control systems in SystemC AMS — Benefits and limitations, SOCC 2009

Tao Xu, Huib Lincklaen Arriëns, Rene van Leuken, Alexander de Graaf: A precise SystemC-AMS model for Charge Pump Phase Lock Loop with multiphase outputs, ASICON 2009

Rami Khouri, Benjamin Nicolle, Lucas Alves Da Silva, William Tatinian, Gilles Jacquemod: Evaluation of SystemC-AMS modeling capabilities of RF front-end non-linearities: satellite receiver case study, FDL 2009

Ping Lu, Daniel Glaser, Guerkan Uygur, Susanne Weichslgartner, Klaus Helmreich: Mixed-Signal Test Development Using Open Standard Modeling And Description Languages, BMAS 2009

Fabio Cenni, Emmanuel Simeu and Salvador Mir: Macro-modeling of analog blocks for SystemC-AMS simulation: A chemical sensor case-study, VLSI-SoC 2009

Monica Rafaila, Christian Decker, Christoph Grimm, Karsten Einwich, Thomas Markwirth, Georg Pelz: Case Study of High-level Verification of an Automotive Window Lifter ECU, Multi-Nature Systems 2009

Stefan Lammermann, Alexander Jesser, Martin Rathgeber, Jurgen Ruf, Lars Hedrich, Thomas Kropf, Wolfgang Rosenstiel: Checking Heterogeneous Signal Characteristics Applying Assertion-Based Verification, FAC2009,


Martin Barnasconi: SystemC Analog and Mixed Signal Extensions: What's It All About?, presentation at North American SystemC User Group, DAC 2008.

Ken Caluwaerts, Dimitri Galayko, Philippe Basset: SystemC-AMS Heterogeneous Modeling of a Capacitive Harvester of Vibration Energy

Markus Damm, Jan Haase and Christoph Grimm: Co-Simulation of mixed HW/SW and Analog/RF systems at architectural level, BMAS 2008

Markus Damm, Christoph Grimm, Jan Haase, Andreas Herrholz, Wolfgang Nebel: Connecting SystemC-AMS models with OSCI TLM 2.0 models using temporal decoupling, FDL2008

Michel Vasilevski, Nicolas Beilleau, Hassan Aboushady, Francois Pecheux: Efficient and refined modeling of wireless sensor network nodes using SystemC-AMS, PRIME 2008

Michel Vasilevski, Francois Pecheux, Nicolas Beilleau, Hassan Aboushady, Karsten Einwich: Modeling and Refining Heterogeneous Systems With SystemC-AMS: Application to WSN, DATE2008

Torsten Maehne, Alain Vachoux, Yusuf Leblebici: Development of a bond graph based model of computation for SystemC-AMS, PRIME 2008

Thomas Markwirth, Joachim Haase, Karsten Einwich: Statistical modeling with SystemC-AMS for automotive systems, FDL 2008

Markus Damm, Jan Haase, Christoph Grimm: Co-Simulation of mixed HW/SW and Analog/RF systems at architectural level, BMAS 2008

Christoph Grimm, Klaus Gravog, Florian Schupfer, Ingmar Neumann: The AutoSUN verification environment, FDL2008


Martin Barnasconi: OSCI TLM and AMS WG update, Presentation FDL 2007

Karsten Einwich: Mastering Complex Analogue Mixed Signal Systems with SystemC-AMS, Presentation FDL 2007

Michel Vasilevski et al: Modeling Heterogeneous Systems Using SystemC- AMS Case Study: A Wireless Sensor Network Node, BMAS 2007.

Erik Markert, Marco Dienel, Goeran Herrmann, Ulrich Heinkel: SystemC-AMS Assisted Design of an Inertial Navigation System, IEEE Sensors Journal,

Mohamad Alassir, Julien Denoulet, Olivier Romain, Patrick Garda: Modeling I2C Communication Between SoCs with SystemC-AMS, ISIE2007

Thomas Uhle, Karsten Einwich, Joachim Haase: Efficient transient simulation of lossy coupled interconnects in digital communication applications, FDL 2007


SystemC-AMS 0.15

Alain Vachoux, Christoph Grimm, Ralf Kakerow, Christian Meise: Embedded mixed-signal systems: new challenges for modeling and simulation, ISCAS 2006

Darius Grabowski, Christoph Grimm, Erich Barke: Semi-symbolic modeling and simulation of circuits and systems, ISCAS 2006

Karsten Einwich, Jens Bastian, Christoph Clauss, Uwe Eichler, Peter Schneider: SystemC-AMS Extension Library for Modeling Conservative Nonlinear Dynamic Systems, FDL2006


Alain Vachoux, Christoph Grimm, Karsten Einwich: Extending SystemC to Support Mixed Discrete-Continuous System Modeling and Simulation. ISCAS 2005.

Karsten Einwich: Application of SystemC/SystemC-AMS for the Specification of a Complex Wired Telecommunication System, FDL2005

Wilhelm Heupke: Semi-Symbolic Analysis of Accuracy at System Level

Wilhelm Heupke, Christoph Grimm, Klaus Waldschmidt: Semi-Symbolic Simulation of Nonlinear Systems, FDL 2005


Alain Vachoux, Christoph Grimm, Karsten Einwich: Towards Analog and Mixed-Signal SOC Design with SystemC-AMS. DELTA, 2004

Ruediger Schroll, Christoph Grimm, Klaus Waldschmidt: Heaven: A Framework for the Refinement of Heterogeneous Systems, FDL2004

Christian Meise, Christoph Grimm: A SystemC based case study of a sensor application using the BeCom modeling methodology for virtual prototyping, SBCCI2004

Christoph Grimm, Wilhelm Heupke: Refinement of mixed-signal systems with affine arithmetic, DATE2004


Alain Vachoux, Christoph Grimm, Karsten Einwich: Analog and Mixed-Signal Modelling with SystemC-AMS. ISCAS 2003.

Christoph Grimm, Christian Meise, Wilhelm Heupke, Klaus Waldschmidt: Refinement of Mixed-Signal Systems with SystemC. DATE 2003.

SystemC-AMS concepts for Mixed Signal System Design

SystemC-AMS Requirements, Design Objectives and Rationale; DATE, Munich 3/3/2003

Wilhelm Heupke, Christoph Grimm, Klaus Waldschmidt: A New Method for Modeling and Analysis of Accuracy and Tolerances in Mixed-Signal Systems

Karsten Einwich: SystemC-AMS Steps towards an Implementation, FDL 2003


Karsten Einwich, Christoph Grimm, Peter Schwarz, Klaus Waldschmidt: Mixed-Signal Extensions for SystemC. Forum on Design Languages 2002 (FDL 2002). ECSI, Sept.2002.


Karsten Einwich, Christoph Clauss, Gerhard Noessing, Peter Schwarz, Herbert Zojer: SystemC Extensions for Mixed-Signal System Design, FDL2001